What You Need To Know About Lumbar Disc Replacement

The lumbar spine is the most essential part of the human skeletal system. It is important that you take good care of your spine so that you are able to avoid problems. When your spine is healthy, you would be able to lead a comfortable life. On the contrary, if you have poor spine health, you would face a number of health issues. Therefore, it is imperative that you follow the health tips recommended for maintaining good spinal health.

The lumbar spine is made up of a number of spinal discs. These discs allow the body to move about comfortably. When a disc is worn out or degenerated, it is unable to function properly. It also results in back pain that persists. Eventually, it requires a replacement for normal functioning of the body. Lumbar disc replacement will only be done when the doctor decides so only after conducting necessary check-ups.

Lumbar discs are worn out due to a number of reasons. Out of them, constantly putting pressure on the discs due to bad posture and being overweight are the common ones. When the disc is worn out, damaged or degenerated, it gets replaced with an artificial metal disc. Sometimes, the disc used as a replacement is made combining metal with plastic. If a person is suffering from persistent back pain, they get relief after successful replacement of the damaged disc.

When you require replacement of degenerated discs, the doctor will conduct a thorough physical exam of your body. They will also discuss your medical history to know more about your past. They would also ask you to go for a CT scan, X-ray and MRI, if required. You may also need to get some blood tests done. You also need to share the list of medicines you are currently taking, if any, with your doctor so that they can ascertain if you are fit to get lumbar disc replacement surgery or not. Make sure that you get complete details from your doctor before you proceed with the surgery. It is also essential to know about post surgery care so that you are able to avoid any complications after the successful completion of surgery. When you have made all the necessary enquiries and have been educated about the surgery process and post surgery care tips, you can move forward and get your discs replaced. It will help you get relief from pain and lead a comfortable life.