The Tooth Of It – How Pediatric Dental Care Is Crucial

Our teeth are entirely unique, both to us as individuals, and as body parts in general. A person’s dental records can be used to confirm their identity, as is often portrayed in TV crime procedurals when a victim’s body requires identification. They are also distinctive to the human body as their outermost layer, or crown, is formed from the hardest substance in the human body, enamel. Enamel is manufactured be cells known as ameloblasts, and once formed these cells die, thus enamel, unlike many of the other cells in the human body, loses the capacity to replicate itself. This inability for teeth to repair their outer layer is one of the reasons why good dental hygiene is essential from a young age. Let’s consider why else you would want to find a trusted dentist for your child early on.

Children’s teeth are as susceptible to decay and disease as are adults. If infection, cavities, malocclusions, or abscesses, present themselves in baby teeth and are left intreated, this can have detrimental long-term consequences for oral health. This is because the baby set of teeth act as a kind of guide to permanent dentition, with any unresolved issues jeopardizing future growth and health. A Canadian study into oral health care, concluded with the recommendation that children receive their first dental visit by 12 months, or six months from the time of their first tooth eruption.

The dentist’s chair, and accompanying procedures, can be a nerve-wracking and anxious experience for many people, and especially for young children and their caregivers. This is why it’s essential to connect with a dental team that have experience in providing pediatric dentistry. A dentist and oral hygienist who work extensively with kids will offer care in way that keeps the child calm and comfortable. They will also assume an important educative role, instructing on proper brushing and flossing techniques, as well as the kinds of food and drinks to avoid for optimal oral health. As the young patient is able to take charge of their own oral hygiene, the self-care behaviors learned in the dentist’s chair, and reinforced by caregivers, will be the cornerstone of maintaining the healthy teeth.

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