Right Way To Wear Claddagh Ring

If you like Irish culture, you are going to love the Claddagh rings. It is not just a simple ring because it gives different meanings by the way you wear it. It will say something to everybody when you wear the ring properly. There are many concerns about the Claddagh ring. The first concern is purchasing the ring. You can get it easily from gemiani.com. The second concern is learning about the way to wear it. To understand how you wear it, you have to understand about different parts of the Claddagh ring.

Parts of Claddagh rings

The first part is a pair of hands. Pair of hands means friendship. The second part is the heart that represents a romantic relationship. The third part is a crown that means the loyalty of the person. To understand why a person is wearing this ring, you have to look at how they are wearing it.

Heart facing upside

If the heart is facing upwards, it means that the person is single. You have to be careful while wearing this ring because it can give a wrong message to someone. It can create confusion for you and others. The heart facing upward also means that you are actively looking for a romantic partner in your life.

Heart facing down

If you have found someone and you are dating that person, you have to turn the heart on the opposite side. People who are dating keep the heart of the Claddagh ring inside. The crown of the ring will be on the outer side. It is a message to everyone that you are no longer interested in dating new people as you have found somebody.

Wearing on the right hand

Before marriage, you should wear the Claddagh ring on your right hand. When you wear the ring on the right hand with heart down or up, you are giving a message that you are unmarried if you wear it on your right hand. Wearing the Claddagh ring, that you got from the gemiani.com, on the left hand has a different meaning.

Wearing on the left hand

It can be considered as the final stage of the Claddagh ring. If you wear the Claddagh ring on your left hand, It means that you are married. Couples wear this ring on their left hand as it is a sign of completion of their romantic relationship.