Medicine That Uses The Body’s Own Regenerative System

Regenerative medicine encompasses a wide field of research and objectives. It is about the ability of our own systems to generate self-healing.

The therapy offered by regenerative medicine is really promising, since it is a less invasive method than the traditional ones, and that uses the capacities of our system to treat diseases of the body.

It involves cell types that have regenerative characteristics, such as Stem Cells or stem cells; although others are actually used.

This therapy is very attractive thanks to the advantages it offers. For example, they have easily obtained cells, the risk is zero thanks to the fact that it is not possible that there is an immune rejection of the cells, the therapy can be carried out immediately, and there is a very small risk of contracting infections, having complications or suffer from disabilities resulting from therapy.

Regenerative medicine definitely offers a new alternative to counteract diseases, in addition, its cost is much more accessible, with a minimally invasive method and that is related to the proper functioning of the human body’s system.

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Fields of cell regeneration

Among the fields that regenerative medicine works are, for example, the cure of certain diseases without the need for treatment, the regeneration of damaged tissues, either due to old age or trauma, resolving genetic disorders or defects, among other things.

One of the most used regenerative medicines is cell therapy, this therapy is based on using stem cells with the purpose of generating a substitute tissue, before another that is damaged or diseased. It is a technique that protects, replenishes, regenerates cells, tissues, and organs that are damaged.

For example, bone marrow transplants are done so that people with leukemia can exchange their diseased cells for other cells from a donor.

There is also the field of tissue engineering, which consists of the development of organs artificially, with the aim of replacing those that do not work or do not exist. For this, living cells and other materials are used to recreate the structures of the organs. Bladders, erectile tissue, urethra have been created; and progress continues.

There is also the field of gene therapy, which is about inserting a gene into a cell to replace faulty genes. It is used above all to solve hereditary pathologies or diseases that have been acquired.

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